First Round of Updates!

My apologies if a few of you received this twice.

Ok, so with this thing launched I am getting a trickle of updates. Glad to see that some are using the Family group record forms. Here are some of the contributors:

2013.04.16 FARABAUGH, Aaron Joseph Descendants
2013.12.11 Theresa J. Scott
2014.07.07 Barbara Wills Ness
2014.01.28 Sr. Rosann Eckart
2014.04.29 Elizabeth P. Schellhammer
2014.07.07 Theresa Martinage
2014.07.08 Jill Mock
2014.07.14 Anita Heinrich
2014.07.15 Kim Bender
2014.07.16 Paul Ricci
2014.07.18 Linda Pawl
2014.07.25 Matt Bender
2014.07.25 Wendy Bender

Coming soon:
2014.07.28 Betsy Lansberry Passanita
2014.07.28 Jeanine Sheehan Farabaugh
Kane Farabaugh’s commissioned report on Kappel-am-Rhein
The amazing 1929 Farabaugh “Centerfold”

Stumbled upon and added the angelic 1915 wedding photo of 19-year-old Catherine (Hitch) Krise that for now kicks off the slideshow. We’re lucky to have so many great photos. Certainly my gr-gr-grandfather Joe Farabaugh (1854-1947) had a lot to do with this. He probably took this one.
Catherine (Hitch) Krise 3








The website subscription list is only about 25 whereas the Facebook list is about 75. Not sure what to do about this as I’d prefer to make this the main meeting place for everybody. I could import everyone involuntarily but that seems rude. Let’s see how this blog pans out before I begin tinkering with things. Any questions?

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