NameAndrew Joseph Farabaugh
BirthMar 18, 1881, Altoona, Pa.
DeathJun 24, 1952, Altoona, Pa.
BurialCalvary Cemetery, Altoona, Pa.
FatherIsadore Fehrenbacher (1834-1882)
MotherElizabeth Flick (1846-1939)
BirthDec 18, 1888, Shamokin, Pa.
DeathApr 15, 1935, Johnstown, Pa.
BurialSt. John's Cemetery, Altoona, Pa.
MarriageSep 12, 1912, Bethlehem, Pa.
ChildrenMary Elizabeth (1913-1991)
 Vera F. (1914-1994)
Notes for Andrew Joseph Farabaugh
Andrew was a star running back for the Lehigh University football team, during which time he may have lived with the Schwab family in Bethlehem, Pa. He played from 1900 to 1903 and in the last two years as Captain led the team to 7-3-1 and 9-2-1 records, including victories over Lafayette, in what is the most-played rivalry in the country. Lehigh’s football program had floundered until the arrival of Coach Dr. Sylvanus P. Newton (hired away from Lafayette) and the emergence of Andy Farabaugh at left halfback. Andy’s brother Louis quarterbacked the team for most of those two seasons. The program returned to mediocity after the 1903 campaign. In this era, touchdowns were five points and games were always arranged to have the favored team play at home.

1902 Record: 7-3-1

9/27/02 Penn 12, Lehigh 0 at Phila.
According to a newspaper report, the score was unexpectedly close. “A. Farabaugh excelled for Lehigh” at left halfback despite the shutout, and his brother Louis played quarterback.

10/1/02 Princeton 23, Lehigh 0 at Princeton, NJ
After a scoreless first half, Princeton recovered at Lehigh’s 8 yard line after Louis Farabaugh’s high pass to the fullback Butler was fumbled, leading to the first score. Lehigh could only manage one first down the entire game.

10/11/02 Lehigh 34, Rutgers 0 at Bethlehem

10/15/02 Lehigh 5, Navy 5, at Annapolis
“In the first half, with the ball on the Lehigh’s ten-yard line, the visitors held Navy off for downs, and A. Farabaugh was given the ball. He made a clear break through the line, and, eluding Halsey and Smith, made a beautiful run of 100 yards and a touchdown.” Near the end of the game a missed field goal kick landed in the Lehigh end zone and was fielded by a Navy player for the tieing score, with Lehigh protesting that it did not touch the ball and at first refusing to resume play. “The Pennsylvanians tried to carry off the ball after the game and nearly precipitated a riot.” Louis Farabaugh also quarterbacked this game.

A season list of injuries indicated that on 10/22/02 it was reported that A. Farabaugh suffered a broken kneecap at Annapolis.

10/22/02 Lehigh 41, Union, NY 0, at Bethlehem

10/25/02 Lehigh 46, New York 0, at Bethlehem

11/1/02 Lehigh 39, Haverford 0, at Haverford

11/8/02 Lehigh 34, Virginia 6, at Wash. DC
“Virginia was powerless to stop Leigh’s fierce rushes.” Andy was again at left halfback and also kicked 3 goals. Louis managed the team at quarterback. In another account, it was written that “The play of Walters and A. Farabaugh was brilliant, and they were loudly applauded. Farabaugh made several long runs, and kicked goal from the 35-yard line.”

11/15/02 Dickinson 11, Lehigh 0, at Carlisle

11/22/02 Lehigh 6, Lafayette 0, at Easton
“Captain Farabaugh tried twice to kick goals from the filed in the [first] half, but missed both attempts. The half ended without either side scoring.” Right end Brush made the only score of the game for Lehigh, a forty yard run for Coach Newton against his former team. “...Farabaugh, Waters and Brush excelled for Lehigh.” Louis Farabaugh did not quarterback this game.

11/29/02 Lehigh 41, Swathmore 0, at Bethlehem

1903 Record: 9-2-1

9/26/03 Lehigh 83, Albright 0, at Bethlehem

9/30/03 Lehigh 40, Manhattan 0, at Bethlehem

10/3/03 Penn 16, Lehigh 0, at Phila.
Andy Farabaugh at left half back, Louis Farabaugh at quarterback. Lehigh only reached Penn’s territory once in the game.

10/7/03 Lehigh 10, Swarthmore 5, at Swarthmore

10/14/03 Princeton 12, Lehigh 0, at Princeton
“Twice the visitors were within fifteen yards of Princeton’s goal, and once they came so near a touchdown that Captain Farabaugh and Coach Newton of Lehigh felt ustified in making a strenuous objection. . ..” In another controversy, “... L. Farabaugh, the Lehigh quarterback, touched the ball down on the side lines and kicked it over the Tigers’ goal line. Before anyone realized what had happened Farabaugh had fallen on the pigskin and the Lehigh rooters were dancing with joy. . . After an argument lasting nearly a half hour, Referee Young decided that the Lehigh player had not put the ball in play.”

10/17/03 Lehigh 71, Villanova 0, at Bethlehem
“The football eleven representing Villa Nova was given a severe trouncing. . .long runs were common. . . Andy Farabaugh kicked eleven of the twelve goals.”

10/24/03 Lehigh 41, Ursinus 0, at Bethlehem

10/25/03 “As a result of insubordination on the Lehigh eleven, Captain Farabaugh of that team has resigned and will play hereafter on the scrubs. This incident occurred after the game of ten days ago, when the eleven made a good showing against Princeton.”

10/31/03 Lehigh 17, Dickinson 0, at Carlisle
After the kickoff, “Lehigh then began a series of mass plays, which netted them a touchdown in about fifteen minutes, and Farabaugh kicked the goal.” Andy also scored a touchdown as the left halfback, and Louis was the quarterback.

11/7/03 Lehigh 0, Cornell 0, at Ithaca, NY
Andy Farabaugh at left half back, Louis Farabaugh at quarterback. In the first half, Lehigh failed to score after reaching the 8 and then the 16 yard line of Cornell. Cornell had a fake kick that nearly scored in the second half.

11/13/03 Lehigh 45, Susquehanna 0, at Selinsgrove

11/21/03 Lehigh 12, Lafayette 6, at Bethlehem
Capt. Andy Farabaugh at left half back, Louis Farabaugh at quarterback, before 10,000 spectators. The game was “marked by wrangles,” and the score tied 6-6 at half. In the second half, “Farabaugh missed a place kick from Lafayette’s 30-yard line. He, however, redeemed his error by making a thirty-yard run for Lehigh, only to miss another place kick from Lafayette’s 20-yard line. Lehigh got the ball on Lafayette’s 5-yard line on a quarterback kick. Landefelt scored another touchdown for Lehigh, and Captain Farabaugh kicked the goal. It was then very dark and the referee’s whistle found the ball at Lehigh’s possession on their own 15-yard line, having secured the pigskin on a fumble when it looked as though the score might be tied.”

11/26/03 Lehigh 12, Georgetown 6, at Wash. DC
“Lehigh showed itself the better team in all-around work, and their captain-Farabaugh-was decidedly the star of the day. He tore through the opposing phalanxes like a veritable catapult, fighting like a savage creature for his man who carried the ball. . . Capt. Farabaugh gave his team their signals and was quick to get to his post, which was generally on top of the Georgetown crowd, his strength and weight bearing them down as surely as would a falling house. . .Farabaugh, Torrey, Butler and Waters played the best game for Lehigh. . ..” Another account indicated that “. . .Georgetown was thankful that there were only two Farabaughs on the visiting team. . . Andy Farabaugh’s stellar performances have become chronic, no what what the opposition.” The box score shows that Louis Farabaugh shared quartback duties with a McFarline. “The visitors used the delayed pass with great success, and both their touchdowns were due to this particular play. When all eyes and energies were directed at some portion of the line, with Andy Farabaugh or Torrey would make an unexpected assault on the least protected position.”

In baseball, Andrew pitched the first game at the University of Virginia’s new athletic field in 1902, losing after relinquishing a 3 run lead in the 9th inning. He also pitched an entire 26-1 game loss at Harvard. After his collegiate career, Andy reportedly played with professional teams on a few occasions but did not give it full attention.
In 1904, he was involved in an altercation in Allentown with a Mr. Gosheen over a girl, in which Gosheen was seriously injured and Farabaugh placed under arrest by park guards. Farabaugh was clubbed on the scalp but then escaped the guards by jumping off a trolley and eluding three shots fired at him. He was charged with aggravated assault and battery by John Gosheen but acquitted by a jury vote of 11-1, with the civil damages case still pending in Easton, Pa. Later that year, he became gravely ill from typhoid fever and was hospitalized in Providence, R.I., for several weeks.
Andrew lettered in five sports at Lehigh, and was All-American in football. He became an engineer with Bethlehem Steel and other steel companies, and settled in Johnstown, Pa. He worked one year as a mining engineer in Mexico, and in 1910, supervised steel production for Charles Schwab in Europe.
When drafted for WWI in 1918, his draft registration card indicated that he was a Superintendent at the blast furnace for Cambria Steel Co., in Johnstown, Pa., living at the Ft. Stanwix Hotel with his wife Vera.
A 1942 registration card for WWII indicated that at the age of 61 Andrew was not employed and living at 431 Lincoln St., Johnstown, and that he had an operation for pleurisy that resulted in a left side incision. It further indicated that his wife Vera was living at 721 Napoleon St. He died of arteriosclerosis in 1952, at which time his occupation was noted at a blast furnace for Bethlehem Steel.
Notes for Vera DeSales (Spouse 1)
Vera died of breast and liver cancer.
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